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I. An introduction to Sifa Fashion:

     Sifa is the trademark fashion enterprise of Binh Thien.Ltd formed in the 1990’s and has since been a prominent name on the fashion market. Since its first opening, Sifa has appealed to the public as an iconic brand which derives simplicity from its designs but also adds a touch of complexion.

II.   What makes Sifa stand out: 

    Sifa is a fashion enterprise for all genders and age groups and has retained such an image since when it first started. Sifa products can satisfy clothing needs for any customer: ranging from the formal, classy attire of a businessman to the more street-wise, comfortable clothing of a teenager. At Sifa, every customer can find a distinctive style to express their own personality.

     Boasting a professional team of designers and modelers, Sifa has achieved success in the combination of traditional Vietnamese beauty with a twist of contemporary fashion. Only the most exotic, highest quality imported materials are used for our clothes. We utilize the finest in clothe-making technology from weaving to adding the smallest ornaments; making for products of the highest standards.


III.  Business activities at Sifa:

    Sifa’s first and foremost goal is to have a perfect mixture of artistic work and business. Operating and conducting business must be professional while also coping with the modern industries. We provide a full package of services including designing, production, to distribution and consumption. With experienced staff members who have spent years on their expertise and are also well informed of international fashion tastes; Sifa can constantly come up with new designs that varies according to modern trends. 

 There are currently 78 branches of Sifa distributed among the many provinces and major cities of Vietnam. From Hanoi to Ca Mau, we aim to deliver the highest quality of service to our customers. In Sifa stores you will receive a warm reception and enthusiastic attitude from our employees; so that your shopping experience can be a relaxing and comfortable time. We will always be happy to receive customer feedback via hotline, email, website or directly to our employees. This is in order to make shopping at Sifa the best experience as we can.

      With wishes of improving and building an even better Sifa in the future, Binh Thien Ltd. truly thank you for your support and hope that Sifa Fashion will always be the brand of your choice in the fashion industry.



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